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The Pink Kitchen 2.0 - Here We Go Again!

If you have been following me along on Instagram, you know that I have started to update our kitchen, yes the pink kitchen once again! You wonder why? Well, firstly because I just love adding new touches to our home and keeping it interesting, and secondly because it is needed.

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How To Plan Your Home Decor Project Like A Pro, In 5 Simple Steps!

I probably could call myself as a veteran, when it comes to home diy & decor projects so I thought I am sharing with you my 5 simple steps that guide you along any project easily, and budget friendly.

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Create a DIY Comic Collage Wall For Your Kids Bedroom

When deciding on how to decorate Emma's  nursery or more like playroom, since she is sleeping with us for the foreseeable future, I remembered a picture in one of Elle's interior magazine from last year or so. A kids room featured, had a comic-collage wall I absolutely adored. And here we are, recapping my venture of doing a "DIY comic collage wall for your kids bedroom".

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