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A Love Affair With Moroccan Rugs

I was lucky enought to meet Yassine, who sent me a rug for Emma’s room from her business “Art Moroccan Berber” straight out of the heart of rug heaven - Morocco. As her shop name and location suggests, she has specialised in sourcing and selling moroccan rugs to customers all over the world to continue the history of vintage as well as newer rugs.

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How to make the most of the last month of summer

You know how people keep saying that summer is over and how great it's gonna be when it's fall? To be fair we still have the best part of summer left - almost another month, to be precise. Since it's only officially fall from the 22nd of September, I believe one should find the beauty in those late summer days and nights. How you wonder? Well let me give you some tips!

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How To Plan Your Home Decor Project Like A Pro, In 5 Simple Steps!

I probably could call myself as a veteran, when it comes to home diy & decor projects so I thought I am sharing with you my 5 simple steps that guide you along any project easily, and budget friendly.

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5 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Nursery, Or Any Other Room For That Matter - That Won't Break The Bank!

Today I am going to share with you, how I decorated Emma's room with 5 easy decoration hacks, little money, but with an amazing and fun outcome…

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Spend Less, Impress Much! My Favorite Interior Design Hack: Think High-Low

This is one of my favorite interior designing and decorating hacks, the name high-low as it says. Some things are high, a lot are not. It is so fun, because you can apply it to virtually any space. So instead of going high end on every single piece, I like to pick my cherries and only spent the big bucks on a few items and try and source the rest either from places like …

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How To Celebrate Nationaldagen In Sweden

Every year since moving to Sweden myself, I wonder on how to best celebrate Nationaldagen. You know like Swedes do.

Even though I am married to one lovely Swede myself, we still do not seem to do what is deemed traditional. But you know what? To hell with what is traditional. WIth the weater roaring in the mid 20's (Celsius that is, in the 70's Fahrenheit for my american friends), this years festive activities scream to outside - in your garden, on your balcony, the park. It doesn't matter where, as long as you are outside.

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