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Interior Styles Part 6: Urban Industrials

This trend takes inspiration from former industrial spaces that have been converted to residential homes and business premises. Look at old harbours and see how developers are up doing the places. It's pretty awesome! To get this style right (in developments) natural and raw materials, such as brick and concrete are left exposed, to give that edge many people are dreaming off.

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Interior Styles Part 3: Modern Classics

Modern interior style is characterized by clean and embellished interiors and furnishing items. You often find polished metal accents on handles and lightning fixtures as well as furniture made out of molded plastic. That does sound modern, doesn't it?

Keep floors bare, with furniture that raises from the floor to achieve an airy feel as well as add neutral rugs to complete the otherwise sleek surface.

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Interior Styles Part 2: Boho Natural

Did you know that the word 'bohemian' comes from the French word 'gypsy'? It is supposedly emphasizing an artistic live, with a sense of freedom and eclectic style. This style represents often the feeling of “hippies”, world travelers and artists. It can be as different as the individuals themselves.

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Interior Styles Part 1: Scandinavian Contemporary

Scandinavian contemporary designs are recognizable by their simplicity, its minimalism and functionality. The emphasizes is on shapes and form, with clean lines and flat surfaces. An overall restrained color palette, with added accents through well chosen accessories ties it all in and still makes it a comfortable and not cold or clinical space.

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